NaPoWriMo Starts Tomorrow!

Here we go. Thirty days of poems. Thirty days of looking at everything from an entirely different point of view. Thirty days of creativity and growth. What is it? NaPoWriMo of course!!

You can find all the information that you need to participate here but basically all that you need to know is that by committing to NaPoWriMo you are committing to writing one poem per day for the month of April. You can keep it private or post it on your blog; whatever you want. If you do post them, be sure to add your website on the NaPoWriMo page so that all of the other participants can find your work.

This is a great opportunity to challenge yourself as a writer and a chance to get your words seen by an expanded audience. Check it out!

ALSO Don’t forget that the RedInkling writing challenge submission deadline is tonight. At midnight I will post the links to your submissions, and then the real fun begins! (This is when we get to read each others’ work!) So make sure to get those posts in by midnight.


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