Lies That I Wish Were True: NaPoWriMo Day 2

Today’s prompt from the lovely people at NaPoWriMo  asks that we think about lies as we write today. I, personally, love lying. It can be such a thrill to use words to convince people of things that are not true. Not that I lie regularly, but I have been known to make up back stories for myself that are not entirely true when I meet people who I know I will never see again. It reminds me of the tenuous nature of our reality which depends on our words to sustain it. What we say, the stories we tell, become their own sort of truth when we believe in them and although the following poem is a (somewhat ridiculous) study in lies, I hold to the belief that it contains some truth.

Lies That I Wish Were True

You can get anywhere in the world by walking

if you tie a feather and two fish scales

to each shoe string

But when you get there you may find

that all of the people who live there

have their heads in the clouds

and if you try to talk to them

you will be greeted by silence

and the soft rustling of their long, swaying forest of necks.


If you turn around

stretch out your arms

and look to the sky,

you will see a lazy spot of haziness

above the horizon.

If you stare at this spot

do not blink

as you approach

and watch carefully that wispy air

you may find that you can reach the horizon

if you do it sideways

while whistling Yankee-Doodle.

If you do all of these things

and if your face has the right number of moles


then you will find the road to this place to be easy

and smooth.

But when you blink, or fall

and the horizon stays the same distance away

no matter how hard you try,

turn your toes another way.


You can get anywhere in the world by walking.




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