Writing Challenges Are Challenging

The first ever RedInkling Writing Challenge did not go well. In fact, it was almost a complete failure. I say almost because one writer wrote a lovely piece in response to the prompt, but I can no longer find it. I think it’s been taken down. (If this is you and I am wrong, please share in the comments!)

I am not willing to give up on Writing Challenges entirely. Maybe there will come a time when people feel a burning desire to share their writing. If that day comes please let me know.

In the meantime National Poetry Writer’s Month is going well (1 day in!) and I’ve got some exciting plans for the blog that you will be seeing the fruits of very soon.

One last thing, is there a type of writing challenge/ prompt/ competition/ workshop that people would be more inclined to participate in? Let me know!



2 thoughts on “Writing Challenges Are Challenging

    1. theredinkling Post author

      Welcome! I’m glad you’re here. I’ll get a new writing challenge rolling in a couple of weeks and maybe there will be some new people who want to participate!


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