NaPoWriMo Day 3

Fozzie walked a fine line

at the beach that day,

drawn in the sand, it was.

He walked it down a long long way

Hop-skipping he hippity-jumped.


If that makes no sense

(as you might say)

Then imagine that Fozzie

didn’t go to the beach that day.


Imagine he didn’t flap round in the sand

or whistle foam bubbles out his nose

as he ran. Imagine he didn’t

Imagine he wouldn’t.

Imagine he simply, not possibly couldn’t.


Do what you will

imagine or don’t.


I’m guessing you wont.





Just a quick note- the prompt today was to write a “sea shanty”. I’m tired and in a whimsical mood right now so a silly little rhyming story happened instead. I actually kind of love it. 



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