A Valediction For The Mainland

As the boyfriend and I plan our exodus to the Caribbean, I have been reflecting on the things we’ll be leaving behind. The prompt for day six of NaPoWriMo conveniently asks that we write a valediction, or a poem of farewell. This is my attempt to say goodbye to North America as I prepare to step into the unknown.

A Valediction For The Mainland

When the sky begins to blue,

when thick pink petals fall like rain from mossy branches,

when goslings drenched in yellow are just beginning to learn how to swim

Then is the time to say goodbye.


When coats come off

and pasty legs salute the sun

as it rises ever higher in the sky.

Now is the time to say goodbye.


Goodbye to the seasons

and Christmas with snow;

Goodbye to the reasons

that I don’t want to go.


Goodbye to wide rivers

and the long open road.

Goodbye to big cities

and the heaviest load.


Goodbye to everything I have ever known.

Goodbye to traveling the world alone.


3 thoughts on “A Valediction For The Mainland

  1. Anunoy Samanta

    Goodbye is always touchy to read but hard to say πŸ™‚
    wish you a safe journey to Caribbean… and when you return from there you’ll surely sing:
    “But I’m sad to say, / I’m on my way Won’t be back for many a day / My heart is down, my head is turning around / I had to leave a little girl in Kingston Town”…..
    Thanks for dropping in… All the best with your napowrimo 2013 πŸ™‚


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