The View Out My Window: NaPoWriMo Day 7

Today’s prompt from NaPoWriMo is a really fun one. The challenge is to write a poem made entirely of declarative statements, with a single question at the end. I had a lot of fun writing weird declarative statements, but I ended up going off of the view out my window: two trees block the view and they are just drenched in pink flowers. It’s beautiful and meditative and so peaceful that I couldn’t bring myself to write something silly.

I think I will post another poem later, based around the idea of ridiculous statements. That will be so much fun. But for now, here’s this:


Storm clouds are rolling in.

Pink speckled flowers hang heavy on the branch.


The last time we walked this way, we were going to the fair.

You held my hand that day.

We played skee ball and didn’t win.

We tossed rings to win goldfish and we didn’t win.

We rubbed soft rabbits, poking our fingers through wire cages.

You put your arm around me and told me you loved me

three times that night.


The night is dark and full of wonder.

When will I walk this way again?





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