Help Me Go To Space!

Friends, you all know of my obsession with Ray Bradbury. I live half in the real world and half on Mars. I dream of floating above the Earth with everything and everyone I have ever known tumbling through space on the blue marble beneath me.

And now it’s possible.

I once dreamed of a career as an astronaut but a lack of scientific focus at college has made me consider other career paths. And when it comes down to it, I am a writer through and through. But I could still go to space.

Axe Apollo is going to send one person into space and I’ve entered the contest. Unfortunately, I just found out about it and the contest ends April 29th. In order to win I need the most votes by the end of that day. I know it’s a long shot but if everyone who reads this takes a moment to vote, it’s possible that you could make my dream come true.

It will take very little of your time and your action could change my life. Besides, don’t you want to read what the RedInkling has to say from space? I know I do.


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