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Questions For Our Heroes

I work in a library so the likelihood of me coming across a stack of thirteen year old ripped out magazine pages in a given workday is fairly high. Yesterday I was puttering around the back room when a picture of a gray-haired man in shorts and sandals with the headline, The Martian Tourist.

It was an interview with Ray Bradbury from 2000. I found a copy of it on his website (unfortunately without the dashing portrait) here. Honestly, it’s not a great interview. I don’t know if Bradbury’s answers were trimmed for length or if he’s just not very forthcoming but it kind of reads like he’s lecturing the interviewer, a Mary Roach.

I always imagined that I would meet Ray Bradbury someday; get a chance to ask him questions and talk to him about the stars. And then last year he died and now I’ll never get that chance.

But the fact that he’ll never answer my questions is not going to stop me from asking them. I think that it will always be valuable to think about exactly what it is that you admire in a person and imagining the questions you would ask them is a good way to do that.

So here are my questions for Ray Bradbury. If you want, think about who you would interview given the chance, and post some questions for them in the comments!

1. In your book on writing, Zen In The Art Of Writing, you talk about being passionate about writing at an early age and throughout your life. Was there ever a time that writing was harder or less of a joy for you?

2. Tell me about your writing routine.

3. What is the best thing about writing for you?

4. Of all of the worlds that you created or visited which was your favorite and why?

5. Will you tell me about your childhood? What it was like growing up in the Midwest in the twenties and thirties?


I’d love to read your questions and if the person you wrote them for is still alive, consider trying to get them answered. You’ll never regret trying, I promise!