About The Author

I am a writer of short fiction, poetry and non-fiction articles. I studied creative writing and biology in college, although I haven’t found the time to graduate.

Although this is primarily a writing blog, writing is not my only passion. I am also a photographer, a passionate consumer of culinary delights and a traveller.

Of all of these things, traveling is the foundation of me, although you wouldn’t think it by looking at my list of voyages. It’s pretty sparse.

My father calls it the “Gypsy Soul” and he named the first kayak he built after our family’s inability to put down roots. I move from one state to another roughly every two years; right now I’m in Oregon, this May (exactly two years since I moved here) I’ll be moving to Arizona. I think that I move because I don’t have the means to really travel. If I have my way (and hopefully someday I will) I will find a place to put down roots, to raise a family, to become a member of the local library. And I’ll live there with the love of my life (who, thankfully is a gypsy as well), while travelling for work, hopefully as a writer. I would really love to combine my passions for writing, travel, photography and biology into one career.

Wouldn’t we all.

In the meantime, I seek happiness daily through my work, my relationships and my engagement with the physical world. This blog is quickly becoming a wonderful place for me and I am so thankful that I have the honor of sharing that journey with you. Thank you.


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