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The Impossible Things I Believe

I came across a daily writing prompt from a few days ago that really inspired me. You can find it here. The basic idea is to think of six impossible things that you believe in, derived from the Alice in Wonderland quote:

Why sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

I’d like to preface this by saying that I believe in science wholeheartedly. I think that discovering all that we can about our environment is a thrilling and vital part of the human quest for understanding. But science can’t do everything.

I happen to believe in a lot of things that can’t be “proven by science” or “believed by any stretch of reason”. I try not to think about the facts too much; that is not what belief in the impossible is about. It’s about having hope and joy and an ability to imagine a different world. It makes me feel good to believe in the things, places and people on this list. It makes me happy and for me, that’s what it’s all about.

For the first three items on this list, the basic premise of my belief in them is that the stories portrayed in two books and one television show are exposes of actual events. Because I truly believe that the world would be a better place if the characters in these stories walked among us, it gives me hope to imagine that they do, or once did.

1. Middle-Earth

I hope that I am not the only one who imagines JRR Tolkien as a historian of the people of Middle Earth, recording their comings and goings as he walked and talked with hobbits and wizards and elves. Where is this wonderful land? Concealed within a fold of time, perhaps. Or accessible only by Mister Rogers’ trolley. Just because I don’t know how to get there doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

2. JK Rowling’s Wizarding World

Although I don’t believe as fervently in the Harry Potter world as I do in Middle Earth (I don’t believe in anything on this list as much as I believe in Middle Earth. That includes #4), I think every Harry Potter fan clings to the hope that Hogwarts is real, even if it’s not for them.

3. The Doctor

The Doctor believes in humanity to the bitter end. He has more faith in us then we have in us, judging by all of the “no hope for humanity” type pages on the internet. And that’s fine. We lose hope sometimes, and that is why we have to have people whose faith is stronger than our doubt. The Doctor has faith in us beyond all reason. Real or not, the Doctor is an inspiration.

4. The Creation and Existence of the Universe

Think about the Universe. Really think about it. Think about it’s size– infinite and ever expanding. Think about when it began and what existed before the Universe we know so little of today.  If anything is utterly impossible for the human mind to comprehend it is the creation and continued existence of the Universe.

5. Human Society That Lives In Harmony With The Earth And Each Other

I have no grand solutions for the problems of the world; I don’t know how to change anything. That’s why it’s an impossible thing. But I believe that with kindness, intention and foresight, living as a functional piece of a whole healthy system is possible if we believe in it.

You know what? I can’t think of a sixth impossible thing. So maybe I only believe in five impossible things before elevenses. Since I don’t have the White Queen’s luxury of living in Wonderland; pretty much the craziest place you can imagine; five impossible things is enough. I believe in the possible too.



Bananas and Wizards and Waldo, Oh my.

I know, I know. The “greatest youtube videos” list thing has been done and done and done to death. But you know what? I don’t care. Not one whit. Because there’s not a single list out there that’s gotten it right.

So here it is: in no particular order, my favorite youtube videos of all time. The ones I go back to again and again when I want to laugh or cry or feel really awkward and slimy inside. Enjoy.

And there you have it. What do you think? Did I miss any that deserve representation? Were there any that surprised you?

Obviously I did not write, record, produce or become involved in any way with any of these videos. This list exists simply because I am an obsessive organizer of pointless things and I want to share that glaring personality flaw with you.

Carry on with your day, I hope it’s a great one.